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No real comparison ... the 2002 figures crush this new shit.

as far as He-Man goes ... while i like the new figure ... I dont like the head. I like the head of the 2002 version better.

Really? I hated the 2002 He-Man head. It was way too anime, 'cause they focus grouped the shit outta the figure and the dumb little kids preferred that look to the King Greyskull look the Horsemen were leaning towards.

I hated his hair and his angular cheeks (ironic coming from a Sigmaphile, I know), and looking at him today, he looks like a cheap toy.

That said, I'm with you in general; these have nothing on the 2002 figures. However, if Mattel was to re-release those 2002 figures with Classics articulation, then those would be as much an improvement over the 2002 figures as the 2002 figures were over the originals.

well if we were "real" customizers we could chop those 2002 toys and create the articulation . Thats too much like work for me though.

I got a phone ... i sent the number to one of your emails. Save it !

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Ya know, I said this Classics figure is too big for the 2002 villains, but he's not likely too big for some of the stactions; those things got crazy huge towards the end.


another motuc hater...

Why are people holding on to the 200x line so much? It was a great line with superb scupts by the 4H. MOTU Classics is "And now for something completely different..." Is it because fans feel so completely let down by Mattel by its horrendous case ratios, and then the unceremonious cancellation of both the line and the series?

Transformers had Classics and now Universe (Classics 2.0
GI Joe has the 25th Anniversary Collection
so now He-Man has it's Classics line...

I highly doubt that this will be the last line in the He-Man universe. Everything builds upon each other. I think the only reason this is taking off is because of the mini-statues, and that of the dedication of the 4H and their love for the property. I think if this line proves profitable enough, that could open the door for other lines.

I'm not 100% happy with everything. $20 for a figure that shouldn't be more than $15 is a lot. If they would at least release more than one character a month, at least we could double up on shipping. I think one hero and one villain would be a good ratio.


I can't speak for anyone else, but to me the Classics figures are a big step backward; I don't care for nostalgia once it becomes oppressive.

Classics should be more inspired by TF Universe and G.I. Joe 25th (which is also an oppressively nostalgic step backward, though obviously a successful one, and at least a step backward boasting modern-looking sculpts); those series look like new toys, whereas Classics look as corny as a toy of the '80s, simply better articulated.

Take the staction approach to scale (so He-Man isn't the biggest figure), let the Horsemen go crazy with newer, even better 2002-style sculpts, add that delightful Classics articulation, and realize you're one of the largest, most successful toy companies in the goddamn world, so you should know how to distribute your fucking toys to retail chains so people don't have to pay $25 to buy a $13 toy once a goddamn month.

My friend is collecting (or rather trying to collect) the DC Universe figures, and their distribution is as whack as He-man circa 2002; I try to keep an eye out for figures for him, but we still have Penguin and Red Tornado on the shelf!

Mattel has earned every ounce of skepticism and scorn they've received; MOTU Classics might well prove to be a financial success, but that won't change the fact that it represents one hell of a lost opportunity.

Classics should be in stores, and they should be designed as I described above, and these ridiculously retro versions should be BAFs or something; a novelty to supplement the proper line.

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