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We've Got A Man Down!

With about twenty minutes of sunlight left, I decided to visit the canyon for some last-chance photos before the end of my five-day break from work.

One of the twenty-some pics I deemed tentatively worth keeping is the following, wherein a lightly customized Sigma 6 figure stands tall and proud in the "Metal Mayhem" mech:


...and a few seconds after I snapped said photo, a breeze lifted Mech, figure and all, over the canyon rim.

Luckily, I'd happened to choose a section of canyon where the drop was only twenty to thirty feet; the Mech smashed into one of the protruding rocks below and appeared to shatter into several bigish pieces, which in turn flew in various directions another fifteen to twenty feet deeper into the canyon.

So of course I lifted myself over the rim and climbed down after the goddamn thing.

And to Hasbro's credit, neither the figure nor the Mech is broken; both legs flew off, but neither broke; I immediately reattached the right leg, and the only other apparent damage is three minor dings on the Mech's surface, which are barely noticeable in the first place, and which can be cheerfully dismissed as "battle damage," regardless.

Alas, after five fruitless minutes of searching, I was unable to locate the Mech's left leg, owing not least to the fact that the sun was quickly setting, and I didn't fancy trying to scale my way back up those mossy, precarious boulders in the dark.

I'll go early some morning next weekend and try to retrieve the stupid thing.

In the meantime, here's another photo from my dawn's-early-light Thanksgiving shoot, featuring my ridiculously self-aggrandizing autobiographigure and his new championship belt:


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So who wants to lay odds on it snowing the first morning you get a chance to climb back down there?

Yeah, I know I have no right to laugh considering the last dumb ass thing I had happen, at least there is a slim chance of you getting that leg back, but I can't help it.


I got a tiny little Iron Grenadier shoulder pad back two weeks later in the snow!

I was thinking less of the finding the leg and more on the climbing on wet slick canyon walls.

Still, had it been one of my toys I probably wouldn't have left until I found it, hypothermia and darkness be damned. Of course I ain't got much to live for to begin with so I suppose that does have a way of influencing my level of stupidity. ;)

I let Pat Santos know of my plan to retrieve the stupid thing; she might tag along and film it for the documentary. :)

I'm glad to hear that you'll have someone there if and when things go wrong.

Dude, you're fucking nuts.

Nah, it was a very easy climb down. You wouldn't have hesitated if you could actually see it; I wasn't even really in danger.

I still say you're nuts, but I bring you this link of custom toys that are NSFW-

How the fuck did you stumble across that, you sick fuck?

(Incidentally, is that a fleshlight? I wanna try one of those.)

I've been lurking in that community for a few months now. It's where I found that TMNT porn link I showed you.

And yes, I believe that was a Fleshlight.

autobiographigure? thats quite modest.

Well obviously he's not as buff as me, but what can ya do?

It's too bad you didn't get a pic of him flying.

It's too bad you didn't get a pic of him flying.

Spoken like a true toy nerd!

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