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So who wants to lay odds on it snowing the first morning you get a chance to climb back down there?

Yeah, I know I have no right to laugh considering the last dumb ass thing I had happen, at least there is a slim chance of you getting that leg back, but I can't help it.


I got a tiny little Iron Grenadier shoulder pad back two weeks later in the snow!

I was thinking less of the finding the leg and more on the climbing on wet slick canyon walls.

Still, had it been one of my toys I probably wouldn't have left until I found it, hypothermia and darkness be damned. Of course I ain't got much to live for to begin with so I suppose that does have a way of influencing my level of stupidity. ;)

I let Pat Santos know of my plan to retrieve the stupid thing; she might tag along and film it for the documentary. :)

I'm glad to hear that you'll have someone there if and when things go wrong.

Dude, you're fucking nuts.

Nah, it was a very easy climb down. You wouldn't have hesitated if you could actually see it; I wasn't even really in danger.

I still say you're nuts, but I bring you this link of custom toys that are NSFW-

How the fuck did you stumble across that, you sick fuck?

(Incidentally, is that a fleshlight? I wanna try one of those.)

I've been lurking in that community for a few months now. It's where I found that TMNT porn link I showed you.

And yes, I believe that was a Fleshlight.

autobiographigure? thats quite modest.

Well obviously he's not as buff as me, but what can ya do?

It's too bad you didn't get a pic of him flying.

It's too bad you didn't get a pic of him flying.

Spoken like a true toy nerd!

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