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Sui-Cy-Kill Tendencies.
I present to you arguably the most reviled action figure in the entire Sigma 6 series (which is kinda like being the most reviled child molester or something; people hated Sigma 6):


That there is Red friggin' Banshee.

Now, a robot what transforms into a motorcycle ain't a bad addition to the Cobra ranks, in theory. In this case, alas, the result was an awkward-looking robot and an even more awkward, comically out-of-scale, discouragingly delicate and unstable motorcycle. For proof, I will share with you a photo that single-handedly lends credibility to all the otherwise misguided, histrionic protests lobbied against Sigma 6:



I briefly had a Red Banshee figure, thanks to my pal TJ. I'd have never possessed one otherwise, 'cause Hasbro inexplicably saw fit to charge the Commando price of $15 for a crappy figure that didn't even come with accessories.

I tried several times to make something of my Red Banshee, but I failed to find any inspiration in such an insipid toy, and so I traded him off to a fellow collector.

...and then Raptor at Sigma 6 Central thought of a brilliant goddamn use for the Red Banshee.

This here is Zartan, from the Real American Hero series of the 1980s:


Dig that green skiff. That's Zartan's "swamp skier."

Perhaps you can guess where this is going...

Ol' Raptor gave everyone the idea:


And Vanishing Point decided to see the project through:




Naturally, I hate these goddamn people.

Meanwhile, though, a new idea has occurred to me.

Elsewhere, I have said before that The Challenge of the Go-Bots, while clearly irredeemably cheesy, was really not much (if any) cornier than its more celebrated sister show, The Transformers. Indeed, for all my self-aggrandizing rants at PopMatters and my self-indulgent toy photos here at Geek Creek, my only lasting contribution to the internet might well be a bare-bones post at Wikipedia dedicated to Bernard Erhard, the voice of Renegade leader Cy-Kill:


At the conclusion of one of those five-episode-long Challenge of the Go-Bots epics, Cy-Kill watched in horror as his latest convoluted scheme fell apart around him, and rather than spouting off with the usual "I'll get you next time!" supervillain nonsense, he offered a rather subdued plea of, "I can't believe this is happening."

Even at eight or nine years of age, I admired the voice actor's hilarious restraint, and those goof-ass Go-Bots have had a special place in my heart ever since.

Now, scale has always been an issue with Go-Bots and Transformers alike, both in their respective animated series and in their respective toylines. Cy-Kill, for example, towered over humans as if his alt-mode was a fuckin' aircraft carrier or something, when in reality a robot that doubled as a motorcycle would most likely stand no taller than your average human.

With all this in mind, I have decided to eventually procure a second Red Banshee figure, and to christen him Cy-Kill.

Thing is, though, I hate Red Banshee's alt-mode; that's a spectacularly crappy-ass motorcycle. And as that embarrassing photo above shows, it's a tiny crappy-ass motorcycle.

What I'll need to do, see, is commission one of my creative fellow geeks to paint my Red Banshee for me. You're probably thinking, "Sure! Red Banshee already boasts a close match to Cy-Kill's shade of red; just supplement it with some blue and white and you'll be set!"


I need someone to paint my Red Banshee black.

...and green.

'Cause this here repaint was always my favorite version of Cy-Kill:


(I like to think of him as Type O Negative Cy-Kill.)

What I'd do is keep my Red Banshee in his robot mode, and for photos or dios, if I wanted him to be in motorcycle mode, I'd use this:



And why not? I already have two of 'em. And really, it's not an unreasonable facsimile of Cy-Kill's repainted alt-mode:


So. To recap, then:

Am I really hoping to procure the most hated figure from one of the most hated toylines of all time? For a second time, no less? Only to then pay someone to paint it for me? All so that I can claim that it's some other corny character from one of the most hated cartoon series of the 1980s?

I am?

I can't believe this is happening.

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ok red banshee on paper ROCKED!! a BAT that turned in to a motor cycle not only a new army builder but a vehicle for cobra to drive around in the figure....not so much

I almost wonder if somewhere down the line Red banshee got downsized

i'm thinking of picking up two of them to act as a hunter/killer kind of robot that uses stolen cybertronien technology works for me

I kind of hope he was downsized along the way, 'cause otherwise Hasbro was simply shooting itself in the foot right from the start.

Seriously: Commando price? And no accessories?!?

Although I have few memories of Go-Bots, I think it would be incredibly awesome if Hasbro brought forth some of the old characters from that series for the Universe line, just like they did by bringing Matt Trakker from MASK into the GI Joe fold.

I would love that! They've got all the legal rights, so I say go for it.

Of course, a lot of fanboys bitched about Trakker.

People are idiots.

Actually, they alreay did, sorta. They released a repainted Classics Mirage as homage to the female Go-Bot Crasher, called "Fracture". Its a really great use for that mold, even better than the HasbroToyShop exclusive "Dragstrip" which is fine... if you really-really like bright yellow.

Fanboys bitching is like music to my ears! ;-) I really like Trakker, even though M.A.S.K. holds no sentimental value to me. I was lucky enough to find him on shelves with an in-disguise Cobra Flint. I've been cherry picking the line for a while now, especially since they've started releasing repaints and flooding shelves with army builders.

M.A.S.K. does nothing for me on even a nostalgia level either, but I think it was awesome of Hasbro to produce that figure, and for some reason, I want him!

That disguised Flint is a highlight, too. All I have from the 25th series is Tomax and Xamot; I don't like how wobbly and fragile the figures are, 'cause Sigma 6 has spoiled me where articulation and poseability are concerned.

And dude, I just google imaged Fracture; BADASS!

I'd totally place it alongside Oil Slick as Cy-Kill!

Its certainly a nice nod to the fans.

I started off with the TFAC when I picked up Cobra Commander, and Serpentor. Thats when the I caught the collector bug and I started going for more. I was never a huge Joe fan, it was always third to He-Man and Transformers which constantly fought for the top spot, and by the time Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came around they weren't even a blip on the register.

I never really gave much thought to Joes until the TFAC line, thats what piqued my interest in the Sigma Six line. I have Cobra Commander, Zartan, and Lt. Stone. Those are pretty much the only ones on the shelves I've seen that I liked, and its pretty slim pickins.

I can totally see Oil Slick working as a stand in for Cy-Kill!

I have five Lt. Stones, four of which I use as Cobra Trooper troop-builders.

I'm thinking of trading them and some of my Sky BATs for TF Animated figures.

This might prove to be a bad obsession.

Hey, I saw something the other day I'm not sure you'd want or not. It's a giant Batmobile from Batman Begins. I shit you not this thing is a good three feet long and a foot wide. It was in really good shape (just a little dusty) and only cost $25. Would you be interested in something like that?

In theory, that sounds badass. Sounds like it'd probably be to scale with my "Movie Masters" Batman figure.

Being practical, though, I gotta save up money for 1. Valentine's Day (which makes sense when you consider that I won't actually have any money to save until late January), 2. Our anniversary (mid-March), 3. The Millennium Falcon, which I want to buy for Deven's brother, Kit, and 4. A righteous assload of Transformers Animated figures.

Still and all, thank you for being on the lookout for me!

Obviously you have your priorities, but now is a great time to pick up Animated deluxe figures, Wal-Mart has them for $7.77!


Aw, man, don't tell me that! :)

Oh well, broke is broke; they could be $1 and it wouldn't do me much good.

Cool, just thought I'd throw it out there, because how often do you see something like that?

Speaking of the Millennium Falcon, at this same store I mentioned earlier, they have a giant to scale model of it hanging from the ceiling. It's the coolest thing ever and only costs $7000!

Only $7,000?

You shoulda bought me two of 'em!

I was going to, but it turns out they only accept real cash. Monopoly money wasn't accepted there.

*wanders in from straya's f-list*

If I could actually kitbash decently well(I have a small army of in progress figures that will likely remain that way for a long time to come), I would try that. Because there really needs to be a new Cy-Kill. It's sad when I judge every TF bike that comes around for whether or not it can be 'bashed into Cy-Kill.

And while Gobots had its share of completely ridiculous storylines(the Renegades undertaking a plan to cut off all power to Barstow, California comes to mind), it also had a lot of fun characters. I'm still hoping that we'll one day see a Smallfoot update of some kind, beyond the G1 Minibot collection.


Did you know about this?

Is that Barstow plot a real one? That's hilarious.

I actually managed to pick up Fracture a while back... I'm actually not sure that the pictures do the figure justice, as I think she looks even better in person. Crasher(the white version) was my first ever transforming figure, so I'm always going to have a soft spot for Gobots.

Yeah... and I think it involved some kids finding Turbo and using him as a race car, as well. We just got a kick out of it because we drove through Barstow when we moved from California, and... well, let's just say it's not exactly the place I'd choose as ground zero of my world conquest plan.

I'm actually not sure that the pictures do the figure justice, as I think she looks even better in person.

Aw, man. Don't tell me that! :)

We just got a kick out of it because we drove through Barstow when we moved from California, and... well, let's just say it's not exactly the place I'd choose as ground zero of my world conquest plan.

Seriously! Now someone needs to edit that episode using the audio from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:

"We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold..."

the second pic in this post with the dude on the red banshee reminds me of MASK . Perhaps Sly Rax on his cycle or his Cy Kil? OH SNAP A 3 WAY CROSSOVER! M.A.S.K. / Gobots/ GI Joe


Don't give me any ideas!!!! :)

but its a good idea! Sigma's have enough helmets and masks in their line to make M.A.S.K. and V.E.N.O.M. agents

I know it's a good idea, but I can't afford my own dumb ideas, much less new ones! :)

i'm going to send you a Sectar dude along with hex's guns and batman beyond. the sectar dude makes a good Cobra La fag

Oh shit, I forgot about Batman Beyond!

the sectar dude makes a good Cobra La fag

Quit pushing your politically-correct agenda, you bastard!

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