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i used to have crasher and i've seen fracture a few time and never put it together that its her. i just thought it was a dumb mirage repaint. i will look for her today while i'm out.

The name Fracture is actually much cooler than Crasher, too. Win!

i disagree ...but i like my shit oldschool . Nemesis Enforcer > Nemesis Immortal

I don't particularly care for Nemesis Enforcer OR Nemesis Immortal.

That said, the figure of Immortal is twenty times cooler than the figure of Enforcer.

figure yes , no

just like the crasher / fracture deal. new figure is rad even though its mirage.... name ... Crasher all the way baby.

(Deleted comment)
Where were you at when I sold my Super Class 7 inch tall Cy-Kill ?

The Super Go-Bot?

No telling, but nostalgia aside, those toys were weak; mine fell apart when I was a kid.

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