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'Tis The Seizin'.
We had something of a humble Christmas party in my sixth grade classroom today.

Having lost ten pounds in the two weeks since I last posted here at Geek Creek, I allowed myself to fall off my no-sweets wagon for the day in order to partake of all the party treats, and better still, my lovely students gave me the following for Christmas:

1. A green T-shirt of an appropriately military hue, featuring the old G.I. Joe A Real American Hero logo in black.
2. The 25th Anniversary Tomax and Xamot two-pack.
3. A Valor vs. Venom Baroness figure.
4. A Superman mini-figure.
5. Creepy, squishy Wolverine and Iron Man heads; squeeze 'em and balloon bits pop out of their eyes.
6. A Superman sweatshirt which, alas, doesn't fit.
7. A bunch of candy.

And a few other kids said they'd be bringing me stuff tomorrow. Madness.

Also, I received a nice Christmas card in the mail from tall-drk-grusum and a funny photo card from Michael Crawford, and the customized Sigma 6 Indiana Jones figure Tara is buying from MacGuyver at Sigma 6 Central for me will be finished soon, and the Transformers guide book my dad and his wife bought me is good fun, and...

Yeah. Been a good week, all told.

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interview questions for the hitman, eh? awesome.. - i asked him a question once.. - back during the early days of AOL my family was an early adopter and they'd have live WWF chats on their AOL site post-PPVs.. - after that Survivor Series where Diesel powerbombed Bret through a table i asked how his back was, his reply, "sore".. - guess i wasn't a very good investigative journalist back then..

his reply, "sore".. - guess i wasn't a very good investigative journalist back then..


I'm pretty happy with mine; I look forward to seeing what he has to say in response. It'll hopefully be up three or four weeks from now.

Barring any further weather problems, I will be shipping stuff for you tomorrow. Being that your only one state over, hopefully it won't take very long. But then again they keep shutting down I-84 and all of the other mountain roads lately, so who knows.

So do I; I haven't even put HITMAN in a box yet.

An additional 7 inches of snow and now freezing rain have again delayed me. As soon as the roads clear though, I promise.

Be at least Monday on my end, so no worries, not least 'cause you silly asses don't need to send me anything in the first place.

A photo card from Michael Crawford? Wow that's cool. I got one too!

He sent one to either all of his contacts in the toy world or just the Poppies judges; I'm not sure which.

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