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(Sky)Warp Zone.
If you were impressed by my use of our old hot glue gun for my Frostbite custom (or even if, more likely, you weren't impressed in the least), you should check out something that ol' Vanishing Point from Sigma 6 Central pointed out to us on the Wiki (which I'd never even heard of): A tutorial that walks you through the creation of "Electricity Effects" for your action figures, using only tin foil and a hot glue gun.

It's incredible. Even if one is not a nerd. (Or so I speculate.)





Believe it or not, the selfless geniuses who posted this heroic tutorial are not My Heroes of the Day.

No sir, that honor goes to "skywarp-2" over at Seibertron (another site I didn't know about), who is not content, as I am, to merely take a Transformer action figure and say, "Screw everyone, this is in fact a Go-Bot."

No. What "skywarp-2" did is compose a startling and provocative treatise that's equal parts fan speculation, fan fiction and brilliant customizing (and/or Photoshopping.)

Go read his thoughts, and in the meantime, look at his images:




...damn. And here I was thinking I was clever for planning to buy a Sideswipe and call him Turbo.

I suck.

But I did put together another in my endless series of half-assed customs!


Unlike legitimate customizers, I seldom even bother to decide who I am trying to create. Take my latest custom, for example. Is it meant to be Carcass, that after-my-time alien from the sad, embarrassing latter days of G.I. Joe A Real American Hero?


Or is it supposed to be Doc Terror, from The Centurions?


Or is it just some freak in orange?

You tell me:





To close, I would like to play a game called Whose Significant Other Is Cooler?

(My wife is not in contention, 'cause obviously she'd win.)

First up is Poe Ghostal's old lady, Dr. Mrs. Ghostal, who crafted a friggin' Cthulhu scarf for her beau, Poe:


Her opponent? My pal absinthetic's lass, who crafted a terrifying picture of villainy for her man in the form of this chilling Vigo the Carpathian portrait:


Truly, we geeks-with-dames are a lucky lot.

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Seriously I could probably recreate the whole Go - Bots line out of those fucked up transformers they got out there today . It would involve repainting them and all that. Though they'd probably never transform again ...which would take the fun out of it .

I think if i ever see another sigma stike duke for cheap i will get him and make a luthor in battle suit . I kinda wanna customize something ... and other than this idea I have to make a Bucky version of Captain america I got no ideas.

Oh man, the Sigma suit would be PERFECT for Luthor!

You gotta make that happen!

What's lame is I had a superfluous eleventh Sigma Strike Duke a while back (gots to have an even number of troops!), and I traded him to some dude.

If I come across any locally again, I'll swoop on one for ya.

Did I give you my Luthor-in-armor figure from whatever the DCU collection was called before it was DCU? That sculpt was absolutely gorgeous.

not sure if i got him from you or not but I have one standing at the center of my group of villains taunting Gen. Zod with that chunk of Kryptonite

those go-bots are cool. if they were real toys, i'd buy 'em.

dmg wins hands down. the vigo portrait is great, but DMG's Cthulhu scarf takes teh win.

Don't let Vigo hear you say that.

hrm... i wonder who'd win in that fight. a mythical creature vs. a 17th century tryant.

(Deleted comment)
I admire your objectivity. :)

I'm not a tenth the fan of Lovecraft or the 'Busters that most of my friends are, but I gotta give the nod to Vigo, too.

Both gifts are lovely and geektastic, though.

I think his objectivity is just FINE. KTHXBAI

No, honestly, a tip o' the hat to the scarf - it's all about the time that goes into it. :D (Of course I'm also biased because I know exactly how long the Vigo thing took. A: way to fucking long.)

I want a Cthulhu scarf! Then I'd be cooler than all those assholes with the Harry Potter scarfs!

Oh and that fucking Vigo is straight TITS!

Oh and that fucking Vigo is straight TITS!

I'm sure that's how absinthetic responded when he opened it. :)

nice work on the customs dude

the scarf man sorry

but the portrait is still amazing though but

i don't have the love of the ghost buster franchise that i used to

One completely objective vote for the scarf ;)

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